studioSL Release 2015.0209

To upgrade studioSL, selectеКHelp-->Check

Our SPE Webinar.

studioSL Release 2014.0911

A major release of studioSLеКis now available. If you have studioSL installed, you can upgradeеКto the latest version by going to Help-->Check for Updates and follow the instructions. If firewall or company IT policies prevent you from connecting to the Streamsim server, youеКcanеКdo a Manual Update by going toеКHelp-->Manual Update which will require manually downloading a zip file from our website.

Gussow 2014 Conference in Banff - Sept 22-24, 2014

Streamsim is sponsoring coffee breaks at this year's Gussow Conference - Advances in applied geomodeling for hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Visit Streamsim at the 2014 Global Petroleum Show

Streamsim will be exhibiting at the 2014 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada, June 10-12 at booth 8165.еК We welcome all our customers to stop by to see the latest technology we offerеКfor reservoir surveillance, flow simulation, and flood optimization. еКWe also have a new Ensemble-based HM/Forecasting workflow and we will be presenting SPE paper 170106 on surfactant-polymer flood modeling.

10th Streamsim/Stanford History Matching JIP Meeting

The 10th Streamsim/Stanford Joint Industry Project on streamline-based history matching and forecasting was held May 7th and 8th at Stanford University. The meeting was a notable success and discussed history matching and forecasting in the context of uncertainty--both spatial and dynamic uncertainty. The history matching JIP is supported by a consortium of international energy companies with the primary purpose to accelerate the development and application of novel history-matching technology.

SPE Paper on reservoir suveillance

SPE 166393 --- Experiences With an Efficient Rate-Management Approach for the 8th Tortonian Reservoir in the Vienna Basin --- has been published in SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering (Vol.17, No. 2). Thepaper presents a case history based on the 8th Tortonian reservoir using the streamline-based surveillance approached to manage well rates to promote the efficient use of injected fluids and to reduce fluid cycling.

Free Workshop on Reservoir Surveillance with Streamline-based Workflows / Calgary June 13th

Following this year's Global Petroleum Show and SPE Heavy Oil Conference we will offer a free 1-DayеКworkshop on Friday June 13, 2014 in Calgary.еК This workshop is meant for engineers ofеКnew and existing customersеКworkingеКwith mature water or miscible floods who want to gain an understanding of how streamlines and our studioSL softwareеКcan help.еК


studioSL Release 2014.0301

2014 Major Release: studioSL and 3DSL

Training course on Reservoir Surveillance, March 10, 2014, in Calgary

Through the SPE, Streamsim will offer a 1-day training course on Reservoir Surveillance of Mature Floods Using Streamline-based Workflows.еК The course will be held in Calgary on March 10, 2014.еК For further details please follow h


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