Streamsim is sponsoring coffee breaks at this year's Gussow Conference - Advances in applied geomodeling for hydrocarbon reservoirs. еКVisit us at the meeting to learn more about our novel ensemble-based workflow for geologists and reservoir engineers to progress from geomodeling to production forecasting in a consistent process by quantifying parameter sensitivity, model diversity, and history match quality at each step of the workflow. еКAn initial ensemble (En1) of geomodels and related parameters are imported from Petrel and screened using distances and Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) of static or flow-based responses.еК Clustering in MDS space then allows to retain model diversity while reducing the ensemble size (En2).еК Clustering also allows for generalized sensitivity analysis of both discrete and continuous parameters.еК Global flow simulation parameters are added to create multiple field level history matched models which are again sub-selected (En3).еК This subset of models can be well-level history matched using streamline-based algorithms to modify geology in a surgical and consistent manner resulting in a final ensemble of models (En4).еК This final ensemble is used for forecasting.

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Gussow 2014 Conference in Banff - Sept 22-24, 2014