We are happy to announce that the 11th annual meeting of the Streamsim/Stanford History Matching JIP will take place May 6th and 7th, 2015 at Stanford University. The HMJIP started with the ‰ЫПsimple‰Ыќ question as to how streamlines may help reservoir engineers improve well-level history matching while maintaining geological realism. Since then, solutions have grown to encompass uncertainty quantification, screening of geological models, field level and well level history matching, generalized sensitivity analysis, probabilistic representation of ensembles, and much, much more.

At this meeting, the focus with be on a linear workflow that begins with the screening and ranking of geological models, continues with a general sensitivity analysis using metric spaces for field-level history matching, then looks at well-level history matching using streamline-based local corrections to permeability/porosity maps, and finishes with forecasting and probabilistic representation for robust predictions.

If you are interested in attending but are not a member of the JIP, contact us as we always keep some spots open for guest attendees.