studioSL is a 64bit Windows/Linux desktop application for reservoir flow modeling and houses workflows ranging from streamline-based reservoir pattern surveillance to ensemble-based reservoir forecasting for probabilistic modeling. studioSL was initially developed to post process streamline-specific output by 3DSL and has since grown into a powerful reservoir engineering interface able to work with other simulation tools such as ECLIXT-Nav, and CMG.

Features include (1) time series and 3D grid visualization tools, such as probabilistic incremental recovery curves and Streamsim’s unique streamline-derived FluxPatternMap to quantify time-varying well patterns and allocation factors; (2) a Well Data Import Tool (WDIT) to import production/injection volumes, well paths, well completions, and injection surveys to build a recurrent input file for 3DSL for surveillance and/or simulation purposes. Supported data formats include OFM, Petrel, geoSCOUT, AccuMap, CSV, or SQL database; (3) a simple yet flexible grid builder to generate Cartesian grids from 2D zmaps;  (4) a queuing system to process many simulations as a function of the available computing resources and available licenses; (5) a helpful export of data and figures to Excel and PowerPoint. 

To request a demo license of studioSL, register on our download page. Our prices are public and can be found here. For support questions see our Knowledge BaseTutorials, and Training material.


All workflows are accessible within studioSL and are turned on/off via a license file.  These include:

In addition to supporting 3DSL®, studioSL can also post-process simulation results from Eclipse, IX, CMG (2D only), and TNav. Company internal simulators that use ECL-output format can also be linked to studioSL, auch as PSim (COP) and Powers (SAramco).


2D Plotting of Simulation Results

  • field and well-level responses
  • rates or cumulatives
  • injector pattern efficiency plot
  • easily shuffle through multiple wells
  • undock, tile or cascade view of multiple plots
  • compare multiple runs on the same plot
  • export a plot's data to Excel
  • save as a picture or image export to MSOffice, OpenOffice

3D View of Simulation Results

  • Static and dynamic grid properties
  • Slice, zoom, rotate, pick
  • Streamlines, well paths, FPmaps, bubble plots
  • Eclipse formatted grid, wells, streamline properties
  • Animation over multiple timesteps
  • Save as picture or export image to MSOffice or OpenOffice

2D/3D Probabilistic Representation Extracted from Ensemble of Models

Probability of OIL > 4048 rm3 obtained from 17 simulations.

  • Display all traditional field/well response as probabilistic representations
  • Display all traditional 3D variables (OIP, saturations, perms, etc) as probabilistic representations


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