We have updated our price list for 2013, which you can find here. Our last price change was Dec 15th, 2010.

One important change to our price structure affects the History Matching (HM) and MultiRUNS (MR) options.еК We have separated out the advanced geo-consistent HM as well as the MR optimization features into separate optional modules. The base HM/MR module now contains both the streamline-based ‰ЫПsmart paint‰Ыќ for well-level history matching and the sensitivity and screening tools for field-level history matching. еКBy breaking out the advanced features customers have a lower-cost entry point into our technology and can upgraded at a later date if and when they are ready to do so.

Maintenance on existing products is always calculated on the most current list prices.

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2013 Prices for studioSL and 3DSL