The latest studioSL update (v2017.0620) contains improved pattern metrics for both simulation and surveillance models. To update your studioSL installation, select Help->Check for Updates and follow the instructions.

R-click on a simulation or surveillance model and select Plot Injection Eff:

  • In Rates-mode you will now see an ROIP (Remaining Oil in Place) column. Cross-plot ROIP vs Injection Rate for injector centered patterns or Oil Rate vs ROIP for producer centered patterns. This is a powerful new display to rank patterns.
  • In Volumes-mode, it is possible to normalize the pattern cumulatives by average pattern pore volume (WPV) and average pattern oil volume (OIP) to compare patterns on a normalized PVI vs Recovery Factor basis.

These improved metrics apply to both surveillance and simulation models.  Recall that the surveillance model can now estimate fluids in place using per-pattern material balance calculations (SPE-185713-MS) if running from the beginning of history.

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Improved Pattern Metrics in studioSL v2017.0620