Streamsim is excited to announce that 3DSL can now compute remaining fluids in place even for surveillance models. 3DSL does this by applying classic material balance to time-varying, streamline-based patterns. Details will be presented at the Western Regional Meeting in Bakersfield in SPE paper 185713.

In the meantime, to use this new feature, be sure to have studioSL/3DSL v2016.1212. As with all surveillance models, provide well locations and production/injection history. If you include a 2D/3D grid (homogenous or heterogeneous) with a good spatial estimate of OOIP, the changing phase saturations through time are determined automatically from the changing pattern pore volumes in conjunction with material balance. This avoids the time-consuming history matching process associated with flow simulation. Follow this link for more information on our material balance method.

At Streamsim we believe that studioSL's surveillance technology of flow-based allocation factors, pattern efficiencies, ROIP maps, and intelligent well rate targets, gives you a powerful and comprehensive suite of RE tools for optimal management of mature floods.

To access v2016.1212 start studioSL. Select Help-->Check for Updates and follow the instructions. If company policy prevents you from connecting to the Streamsim server, select Help-->Offline Updates to retrieve a zip-file from our website that can then be used to update studioSL. If you need assistance, we can provide support via online Goto meetings.

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2017 from all of us at Streamsim.

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New Feature for Reservoir Pattern Surveillance in studioSL