We are pleased to announce an update to studioSL and 3DSL. The latest release versions are v2015.0911. Details about the updates can be found in the Release LogеКon the Streamsim website for each product.

To upgrade studioSL and 3DSL, select Help-->Check for Updatesand follow the instructions. If company policy prevents you from connecting to the Streamsim server,select Help-->Offline Updates instead to retrieve a zip-file from our website.

Note that the studioSL update will automatically install 3DSL v2015.0911 . You can always revert back to an older version of 3DSL by going to Tools-->Options-->Executables. Select 3DSL (Release) and use the drop down menu to choose the desired version.

studioSL 2015.0911 Release

multiRUNS (studioSL project that encompasses uncertainty quantification, screening of geological models, and field-level history matching)

  • Ability to extract a subset of runs from an ensemble while retaining diversity in terms of response. The extracted ensemble can then be used as a starting point for inserting new parameters and creating a new ensemble of models.
  • Improved plotting of the objective function when using the differential evolution algorithm.
  • Differential evolution can now be restarted from the last ending population.
  • Probabilistic representation of ensemble response.

History Matching (studioSL project that allows well-level history matching)

  • Ability to automatically create a HM project for each member of an ensemble coming from multiRUNS.
  • Ability to import the settings into a HM-project from another.
  • Improved plotting of the objective function in conjunction with an HM project.

Forecasting (studioSL allows to create forecast scenarios from a group folder. A group folder contains several simulation models that may, for example, be the result of multiple well-level history matching projects)

  • Automatic No-Further-Action (NFA) scenario. The wells are left on their last liquid control and operated into the future.
  • Insert a customized recurrent/schedule scenario.
  • Ability to plot a probabilistic representation of the forecasts weighted by a likelihood calculated from the error (objective function) associated with each model w.r.t. historical data.

floodOPT (studioSL project to extract target rates to reduce fluid cycling and improve sweep)

  • Improved display of target rates proposed by floodOPT and actually used in the simulated forecast.

Other improvements & Bug Fixes

  • 3D View now allows to import map annotations from OpenStreetMap.org, Shapefiles, and DXF files.
  • Improved threading control of sequential operations associated with 3D plotting.
  • Improved threading control of simulation DataObjects.
  • Bug fix to OF when adding new OF definitions, changing the sequences, and saving.

3DSL 2015.0911 Release

  • Starting with v2015.0911 3DSL has surfactant modeling capabilities that can be combines with the existing polymer keywords. The new surfactant keywords are SURFST, SURFCAPD, SURFSIMPLE, and SURFVISC.
  • Polymers with different fluid/rock properties can now be co-injected. This feature can be used to inject polymer "A" in the North and polymer "B" in the South of a field.
  • Path lengths associated with keywords INCLUDE, ECLIPSEEGRID, ECLIPSEGRID, and ECLIPSEINIT and longer than 256 characters were not properly read. Now fixed.
  • 3D time-of-flight (TOF) and drainage time (DRT) are now properly output for surveillance models.

Many of the released features associated with v2015.0911 are connected to the Streamsim/Stanford History Matching Joint Industry Project and we thank all current (and past) members for their contributions and input. The last meeting was held at Stanford University on May 6th and 7th, 2015. The JIP seeks to develop workflows that encompass uncertainty quantification, screening of geological models, field level and well level history matching, generalized sensitivity analysis, and probabilistic representation of ensembles. The goal is to improve forecasting and the decision making process. If you are interested to find out more about the JIP and become a member, please contact us at info@streamsim.com [mailto:info@streamsim.com].

Finally, if you plan to attend the SPE ATCE in Houston this year, please make sure to stop by our booth #3851. We hope to see you there.

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Release of studioSL and 3DSL v2015.0911