We are pleased to announce the March 2013 update for studioSL. The March 2013 has a number of changes in addition to minor bug fixes:

  • We have changed the versioning system. Instead of studioSL 7.0, the new version number is 2013.0305. еКThis is the same numbering system as in the license file.
  • We have invested substantial time in improving performance, particularly when it comes to loading data over the network. If you've experienced difficulties in the past and see a marked improvement, we would like to hear from you.
  • We have added the ability to split a single line-plot with multiple sequences into multiple plots with a single sequence. This makes it more convenient to display model responses when there are many lines. To change from a single-plot view to a multi-plot view, click the icon in the tool panel with the multiple windows inside it. еКRemember that you can always export your plots/data to PowerPoint, separate images, and/or Excel using the icons on the main menu bar.
  • Measured (observed) data can now be imported and compared against simulations. еКIt centers on building a CSV-file with each data point on a separate line. The file extension can either be .obs.cvs or .obs.еК Click on the new icon in the toolbar to create a sample file.еК Once created, r-click the file to view results and/or compare to simulation results.

We have extensively tested our changes, but confirmation from the client base is the best indicator that we are doing things right.еК Please let us know what we can do to improve studioSL by going to Help-->Submit a Suggestion.

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studioSL 2013.0305 Released