We are pleased to announce the release of studioSL version 2013.0621. To update your current installation, simply go to Help-->Check for Updates and follow the instructions.еК If your IT infrastructure does not allow you to access the internet to update studioSL, you can use the Manual Update under the Help menu. In this case you can download a zip-file and do an offline installation.

The 2013.0621 release has usability improvements and new features. Noteworthy are:

  • We have re-designed the Objective Function (OF) interface and some of the underlying calculations. The OF is central to the multiRUN-module used for assisted history matching and sensitivity analysis.
  • It is now possible to use the "Plot HM Errors"-action from an Eclipse node and to compare history matching (HM) errors between 3DSL and Eclipse.
  • We have changed the licensing policy for multiRUNS. When a user runs 3DSL in the context of a multiRUNS project--for sensitivity analysis or history matching--it will only consume a single 3DSL license from the network pool regardless of how many 3DSL-jobs are running concurrently on the local machine as part of the multiRUNS project.
  • We have released the first version of Metric Space Optimization (MSO), which is part of the multiRUNS-module. MSO is Streamsim's proprietary approach to model selection and assisted history matching which uses metric space information. For an example on how MSO may be used in your workflows, please visit this page for more information.

We value your suggestions. Please let us know what we can do to improve studioSL by going to Help-->Submit a Suggestion.

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studioSL 2013.0621 Release