We are pleased to announce the release of studioSL 2017.0519 and 3DSL 2017.0501

To upgrade, select Help->Check for Updates and follow the instructions. If company policy prevents you from connecting to the Streamsim server, select Help->Offline Updates to retrieve a zip-file from our website that can then be used to update studioSL.

studioSL 2017.0519 Release  A large set of new developments and enhancements are part of this release. A detailed list can be found in the Release Log, including:

  • 3D display masks to filter gridblocks meeting multiple criteria.
  • 3D history matching error maps and well open/closed maps.
  • 3D probabilistic maps of grid properties from an ensemble of runs.
  • Infill well picks from display masks and export to 3DSL/ECL/IX format.
  • Display of well allocation factors on the FPmap from recorded tracer data.
  • SLRegion: a new well-level, gradient-based history matching algorithm based on streamlines. 
  • Forecast groups for improvement management of forecast scenarios.
  • floodOPT panel improvements and engine updated to 2017.0501

3DSL 2017.0501 Release

  • Minor optimizations, bug fixes, and enhancements.
  • To revert back to a previous 3DSL release, go to Tools->Options->Executables->3DSL(release) and select a previous release.

Ongoing developments We are working on a number of exciting features for 3DSL and studioSL to be released in the near future, including:

  • Geochemisty with mineral precipitation and ion exchange for low salinity floods in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs.
  • An improved architecture for the EVOLVE uncertainty workflow.

studioSL, 3DSL, and floodOPT are powerful solutions for a wide range of reservoir engineering problems--from surveillance to probabilistic forecasting--with an emphasis on ease-of-use. We welcome suggestions for improvements which you can submit by going to Help->Submit a Suggestion.

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studioSL & 3DSL Release 2017.0519