We are pleased to announce release v2016.0922 of studioSL and 3DSL. Details can be found in the Release Log for each product on our website.

To upgrade, select Help-->Check for Updates and follow the instructions. If company policy prevents you from connecting to the Streamsim server, select Help-->Offline Updates to retrieve a zip-file from our website that can then be used to update studioSL.

The update will automatically install 3DSL v2016.0922, You can always revert back to an older version of 3DSL by going to Tools-->Options-->Executables.

studioSL 2016.0922 Release The latest version of studioSL includes major improvements to the 3D visualization capabilities:

  • The 3D display can now be refreshed while a simulation is running.
  • It is possible to add a new simulation to an already open 3D window. This allows to toggle between multiple realization of the same model and make comparing 3D results easier.
  • Improvements to various 3D controls, such as min/max, progress bars, etc.

Other improvements include:

  • Support for single Intersect forecasts and forecast scenarios.
  • Ability to kill an executable using custom commands when running through a queuing system such as Platform LSF or Microsoft HPC.
  • Sharing of time/well selection in objective function/distance definitions. 

3DSL 2016.0922 Release The following improvements have been added since v2016.0331:

  • Streamlines are now output using the same coordinate system as .EGRID or .GRID file for Petrel compatibility.
  • Reservoir volumes in place for oil, water, and gas are now called RFIPOIL, RFIPWAT, and RFIPGAS respectively.
  • Upgraded to latest algebraic multigrid solver (v28a1).
  • Improvements in algorithm to determine non-neighbor connections (NNC).
  • Fixed WAF calculation associated with boundaries connected to producers.
Ongoing Developments We are working on a number of exciting features for 3DSL and studioSL to be released in the near future.
  • The surveillance model in 3DSL will include a new reservoir pattern saturation solver to quickly estimate ROIP maps from an OOIP map, historical production/injection data, and optionally a geological model. No history matching necessary.
  • We are working on a full chemical solver for 3DSL which will help model low salinity floods and use water chemistry to understand the reservoir.
  • studioSL will include 3D probabilistic displays of movable oil in place and other maps to help select infill well locations.
  • An improved architecture for the EVOLVE uncertainty workflow.
Our goal is to make studioSL and 3DSL powerful solutions for a wide range of reservoir engineering problems--from surveillance to probabilistic forecasting--while retaining simplicity and ease-of-use. We rely on your support in helping us achieve this goal and welcome any suggestions for improvements. You can submit your comments and suggestions by going to Help-->Submit a Suggestion or you can contact us directly at support@streamsim.com.


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studioSL & 3DSL Release v2016.0922