We are happy to announce our December update to studioSL. Use the ‰ЫПCheck for Updates‰Ыќ action under the Help menu. For those with company firewalls that interfere with the automatic download process, a pop-up for a manual update should appear asking you to visit our website, download a zip-file and explicitly point to that file. If you encounter any problems updating, please let us know. Major improvements include:

  • Surveillance. Streamline-based pattern recovery factors (oil production normalized by OOIP) can now be computed in the IE-plot and painted to the "average" pattern connections on the FPmap.
  • multiRUNS. This is a major update to this workflow, which allows users to do sensitivity analysis and screening and is a step closely associated with field-level history matching. Multiple flow simulators and geomodeling packages are now supported. Sensitivity parameters can be numbers, text, or include files with discrete or continuous distributions. Sample sets generated can be Exhaustive, Latin Hypercube, Tornado, Manual, or Random. Diagnostic plots to interpret the multiple runs range from the traditional parameter vs response to Streamsim's own metric space method. Finally, an optimizer can now be used to guide studioSL to a field-level match for a set of parameter distributions.
  • floodOPT. Improved the workflow actions for forecasting rate targets and the updating of an existing forecast.
  • 3DSL. Added the keyword WELLSNOBLKS. If set to true, then 3DSL will NOT stop if a well with injection/production constraints does not intersect any active grid blocks. This is useful when screening geomodels with varying number of active cells.

We always welcome your feedback. The best way to reach us with your comments is to use the ‰ЫПSubmit a Suggestion‰Ыќ action under the Help menu.

Best wishes for the holidays and a happy and prosperous new year from all of us at Streamsim.

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studioSL 7.0 - December 2012 release posted