The November update to studioSL 7.0 is now posted.

You can update your current installation of studioSL via the Update-action under the Help menu. In this update you will find the following improvements:

  1. An advance well group selection panel is now available if you r-click on a Wells node in a simulation model. A well group is a collection of wells that fulfill certain criteria and can be grouped under a user defined name. These well groups will then appear in a Well list view in 2D and 3D Toolpanels, and the well groups will automatically copy over to new simulation models, if you use studioSL's Copy/Paste action from a simulation node.
  2. All numbers displayed in plots and tables are now formatted consistently to 4 digits. Scientific vs. decimal displayed can also be controlled. The digits setting can be modified from Tools->Options->Settings->General->Number Formatter and the scientific vs. decimal notation can be modified by changing the settings.
  3. The Well tab in the 3D Toolpanel has been improved. Well path information from input sources such as Accumap, geoSCOUT, and OFM can be easily displayed alongside the final gridblock completions computed by the simulator.
  4. When importing Accumap well paths into the Well Data Importer, both UTM and LAT/LONG are now supported for X-coord and Y-coord.
  5. More informative progress bars have been added for when studioSL is retrieving data, highlighting when studioSL is waiting on network bottlenecks.

If you have suggestions for improvement, we would be grateful to hear from you. Please use the 'Submit a Suggestion' action under the Help menu to tell us how we can further improve studioSL.

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studioSL 7.0 - November release posted