The September update to studioSL 7.0 is now posted.

You can update your current installation of studioSL via the Update-action under the Help menu. In this update you will find the following improvements:

  1. Control the look of most line plots using a R-click on the plot itself. You will see options to change line thickness, labels, and other controls that were in the tool panels.
  2. We have improved the export of images to PowerPoint and OpenOffice. For example, it is now possible to export multiple plots of well responses to a single slide.
  3. The Injection Efficiency plot toolpanel and functionality of the plot has been improved substantially along with improvements for loading large models.
  4. The display of the Flux Pattern map (FPmap) has been improved by allowing to keep all connections displayed in gray while highlighting specific connections. You will find this functionality as a check box labeled "Unselected Well Pairs" and "Unselected Aquifer or Source/Sink Pairs".
  5. Because of varying IT infrastructures, it is not always possible for customers to access the automatic update feature of studioSL. In cases where studioSL is not able to connect to the update center automatically, a manual update option will appear. This will entail downloading a .zip file and then pointing studioSL to that file once downloaded.
  6. We continue to improve the display of input files and associated syntax. The .3dslrec (file containing recurrent well/production information) is now also color-coded and supports ctrl-click on a keyword to interrogate the help manual.
  7. 3DSL v4.10 has also been updated. A list of minor improvements can be found at This latest version of 3DSL is included in the September studioSL online update.

If you have suggestions for improvement, we would be grateful to hear from you. Please use the 'Submit a Suggestion' action under the Help menu to tell us how we can further improve studioSL.

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studioSL 7.0, September 2012 Update posted