A major release of studioSLеКis now available. If you have studioSL installed, you can upgradeеКto the latest version by going to Help-->Check for Updates and follow the instructions. If firewall or company IT policies prevent you from connecting to the Streamsim server, youеКcanеКdo a Manual Update by going toеКHelp-->Manual Update which will require manually downloading a zip file from our website.

Major improvements include:

  1. Improvements to the calculations in the floodOPT engine (floodOPT v2014.0904).
  2. The floodOPT workflowеКnow allows to set any field level target to be maintained during the new rate target calculation. еКA delta rate plot has also been added to the suite of plotsеКfor old rates vs new rates.
  3. The floodOPT panel has been modified to allow for an "Other Settings" section with additional controls.
  4. The well-level history matching workflow now includes an automatic smart paint setting. еКWhen in 'AutoSP Mode', the history matching time intervalsеКand the well selectionsеКwithin each interval, are automated so thatеКyou can step sequentially through history from early to late time.еК
  5. A studioSL release log of new changes since your last update has been added once 'Check for Updates' is selected. еК
  6. Use the "See license by user" action under Help to see who is using a license.
  7. A search for well names has been added to the bottom of all well lists in 3D Viewer, Injection-Efficiency plot, and Plot HM Errors. еКLook for the magnifying glass icon.
  8. The error messages when importing files in the Well-Data-Import-Tool have been improved.еК
  9. Release of 3DSL 2014.0826 is included. Changes in the new version of 3DSL include:
    • If GRAVITY=OFF it also force PCAP=OFF.
    • When reading 3rd party velocity fields to extract streamlines and well allocation factors 3DSL will: (a) Read the CONVTUB and CONNXT arrays in the .RFT file to compute each well layer's voidage rate.еК If these keywords are missing, 3DSL will estimate the layer voidage rate from layer surface rate and PVT properties. (b) Allow for two active well layers to be open in the same gridcell.еК The allocation factor for these layers will be prorated based on each layer's rate.
    • When reading a .EGRID or .FEGRID do not allow NNC's to be redefined within the main input .dat file. This was causing 3DSL to crash when reading a .UNRST file and a velocity field that did not have NNC's defined.
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studioSL Release 2014.0911