3DSL® Simulator

3DSL® is Streamsim's streamline-based reservoir flow simulator that offers a powerful solution to rapidly gain insight into how geology, fluid properties, and wells interact to affect recovery. 3DSL can be run from the command line or through Streamsim's powerful user interface, studioSL. Unlike more traditional simulation methods, streamlines allow to visualize and quantify the flow between injector/producers pairs, delineate drainage regions of each well, and offer unparalleled speed to investigate multiple production scenarios.


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3DSL® Features

Standard Features

  • Fully three-dimensional including gravity
  • Corner point, structural, or strict Cartesian grids with active/inactive blocks
  • Multiple relperm regions w/ relperm scaling 
  • Multiple 3-phase relperm models 
  • Well control - (historical) surface or reservoir individual phase and total rate constraints
  • Vertical, horizontal, and deviated wells with time dependent recompletions
  • Well rate allocation factors - how much support each injector is giving to each producer
  • Well drainage volumes - reservoir fluid volumes contacted by each well
  • Standard grid and well outputs and output of streamline paths (all viewable during runtime)
  • Simple, keyword-driven input deck
  • 32/64 bit support on Windows and Linux
  • Import velocity field from Eclipse models and then trace SL's and extract SL-based metrics
  • 3DSL® can read/write ECLIPSE formatted files for support within 3rd party software

Surveillance Features (included with 3DSL_base license)

  • SURVEILLANCE=ON keyword only allowed
    • Tracing of SL's only
    • PatMB - Pattern material balance calculations (ROIP maps)
    • No transport step along streamlines
  • Compressible or Incompressible PVT
  • Rapid forecasting based on well-level correlations to history 

Flow Simulation with Incompressibility Features (included with 3DSL_incomp license)

  • 3-phase flow (oil/water/gas)
  • Incompressible PVT (immiscible or miscible)
  • Saturations are updated by solving 1d-transport step along each streamline

Flow Simulation with Compressibility Features (included with 3DSL_blackoil license)

  • Compressible PVT (blackoil, immiscible or miscible)

Additional Optional Features

  • Dual-porosity (3dsl_dualphi license)
  • Polymer, surfactant, and tracers (3dsl_chemical license)
  • Parallel compute (3dsl_parallel license)

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Tel: (415) 386-0165

Contact in Canada

Canada Office 
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