You can update studioSL to the most recent version by selecting "Help->Check for Updates" on the main studioSL toolbar or you can download the offline update from our download page. This update also includes new versions of 3DSL and floodOPT. For a complete list of updates see the release log

Major updates include:

  • floodOPT now allows to set Rate or BHP separately as controls for injectors and producers when forecasting. It is also possible to ignore controls altogether.

  • 3DSL now uses the latest SAMG library. The logic associated with backflow in wells has been improved.

  • Fix to the Differential Evolution algorithm when evolving a subset of runs composed of best/worst runs.

  • Multiple improvements to studioSL for performance and robustness.

FloodOPT Forecasting: When realigning injection patterns to promote sweep and demote fluid cycling, floodOPT provides injection and production targets. However, if producers are pumped off, implementing increased production targets is difficult. Now you can forecast using floodOPT target rates for injectors, while keeping producers on BHP control. These scenarios work for 3DSL simulation and surveillance models as well as for IX or Eclipse simulation runs. An option not to output any controls for the producers (or injectors) allows to keep previously set controls and constraints allowing for more flexibility.

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studioSL, 3DSL, and floodOPT v11.3-2021.0630 Released