Streamsim's pricing is centered on workflows (a combination of product licenses), the number of licenses for workflows and/or individual products, and the lease period. The number of licenses is what allows multiple users to run the same product at the same time. Software can be leased for 3, 6, or 12 month periods, and is subject to Streamsim's Software License Agreement (SLA). Software can be also be leased as part of Streamsim's Engineering Subscription Service to help clients build reliable and useful models quickly. See Exhibit A of the EULA for details. Streamsim also offers on-site training and in-house short courses.

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Workflows & Product Bundles

  1. studioSL Base studioSL is the base pre/post product required to run all workflows.
  2. Surveillance Includes studioSL Base, 3DSL surveillance, 3DSL parallel, and floodOPT.
  3. Simulation Base Includes studioSL Base, floodOPT, and 3DSL (surveillance, incompressible, parallel, dual-porosity).
  4. Simulation All Includes studioSL Base, floodOPT, and 3DSL (surveillance, incompressible, blackoil, chemical, parallel, dual-porosity).
  5. Well-Level History Matching Plugin-module to studioSL to perform "smart paint" and "SL-region" history matching (SL-derived permeability and porosity multipliers). Requires Simulation Base/All to extract streamline information. Can be combined with ECL or IX simulations.
  6. EVOLVE Plugin-module to studioSL to perform uncertainty analysis from geo-screening to forecasting and uncertainty in NPV. Includes Well-Level History Matching and a multiRUN license, meaning that running multiple simulations (limited by CPU of hardware) of the same model within the uncertainty workflow only consumes a single 3DSL license.

Terms and Conditions

Software use subject to Streamsim's Software License Agreement.

  1. Contact Streamsim for a price quote of desired workflows, on-site training, or short courses.
  2. The number of licenses sets the number of concurrent users able to run the same product at the same time. For example, the number of 3DSL simulation runs one can do simultaneously is equal to the number of 3DSL licenses available. If a user wants to run two 3DSL simulation or surveillance runs at the same time, two 3DSL licenses are required. In case of the EVOLVE workflow, the multiRUN license wil allow multiple concurrent simulations by the same user on the same physical hardware box (limited to the number of CPUs) within the uncertainty workflow yet only consuming a single 3DSL license.
  3. A network license hosted on a network license server (RLM) allows to run the software on any machine able to communicate with the license server to checkout a license.
  4. A lease license will stop working at the end of the lease period (3, 6, or 12 months).
  5. Maintenance is included during the lease period at no charge.
  6. Payment for all licenses is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Temporary licenses will be issued until full payment is received.

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