Chemical/Polymer/Surfactant Module Add-on

The polymer/surfactant flooding option in 3DSL® allows modeling of polymers and/or surfactants in the water-phase. The feature is part of the general chemical module that allows to include any number of inert tracers or reactive polymers in the water phase. The chemical module is an add-on item to 3DSL® and is part of the "Simulation All" package.

Specific polymer flow physics include the effects of increasing water viscosity with increasing polymer concentration, shear-thinning effects, reversible adsorption, dependence on salt concentration, and permeability reduction. See SPE paper 115545 for technical details on extending streamlines to polymer floods as well as validation with Eclipse. See SPE paper 132774 for a reservoir management workflow to optimize a polymer flood using streamline-base polymer metrics. The application to a polymer flood in operation since early 2010 in the Sultanate of Oman is described in SPE paper 169746.

Modeling surfactant flooding using streamlines is described in SPE paper 170106.

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